Why do people do this? The bike is completely ruined from sitting for roughly 27 years without being touched. The suspension will be seized, likely the engine as well. If it isn't the 27 year old oil that's never once been circulated through the engine won't do a single thing to prevent the engine from tearing itself… » 10/29/14 8:47am Wednesday 8:47am

Raph I think you missed the biggest reason why the cheap mid-engine car struggles so much - it has to be its own platform. There's no platform sharing of a mid engine layout with a crossover or a basic sedan. Platform sharing is The Way of Things these days and almost no one is willing to develop and create a single… » 10/24/14 7:49am 10/24/14 7:49am

Just tried it... While the results certainly finds you all the dealers in your area that would have one, you still have to go to each individual site and look for the car you want. I still think it's easier to go to a single site and do all your shopping in one place. » 10/23/14 9:12am 10/23/14 9:12am