Unless it gets AWD (at least as an option) I'm not getting excited. As an owner and daily driver of a FWD car with lots of power and an LSD out front but still loads of torque steer I'm over it. The torque steer and complete lack of traction during low speed acceleration is annoying at best. » 12/11/14 12:21pm 12/11/14 12:21pm

Having driven the 3.6 in a number of vehicles I must say that I really like the 3.6. My only small complaint would be that the power band starts a little too high in the rev range, and adding a turbo could easily both widen the power band along with getting the grunt on at a lower RPM. Yay! » 12/09/14 8:05am 12/09/14 8:05am

The issue is that the UAW is not "terrible" to the plant workers despite being proven as a overall nasty organization. The UAW is very appealing in the sense that there's a high degree of protectionism (very hard to lose your job), a very low degree of accountability, along with wage and benefit inflation. To theā€¦ » 12/02/14 10:36am 12/02/14 10:36am